Our Story

Mississippi Aquarium will tell the incredible story of all of Mississippi's aquatic resources from the Delta to the coastline and the remarkable connection that ties all of the state's natural resources uniquely together. Featuring the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, the roaring waters of the mighty Mississippi River and the wetlands and marshes of the tranquil bayous, the story of Mississippi's natural resources had never been told in this extraordinary way. The Aquarium understands that living in Mississippi is about the outdoor experience and the relationships of its people. Mississippi Aquarium represents education, conservation and community. The Aquarium will provide visitors many opportunities to be entertained and fully immersed in the aquatic wonder that Mississippi has to offer.
Mississippi Aquarium is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and local leader in coastal conservation, education and community participation. The Aquarium operates without subsidies and every contribution supports animal care and health, education and conservation initiatives, aquatic research and future growth.

Our Three Pillars


Reaching the hearts and minds of all guests by connecting them with the planet's most precious ecosystems is the driving force behind Mississippi Aquarium's Education Department.


Making the connection with the aquatic world through education, biology and conservation, inspires individuals, families and communities to be empowered to take action for conservation.


Through our education and conservation programs, we will touch the hearts and open the minds that will ignite curiosity and ultimately guide our guests to be good stewards of the community.

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