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American Alligators

About Our Alligators

Your visit to Mississippi Aquarium begins here. Watch our alligators swim in their habitat, complete with an island that makes the perfect spot for our gators to catch some sun.

The American alligator is Mississippi's state reptile and the largest reptile in the United States.

They have 80 teeth that get replaced several times throughout their lifetime.

Alligators stop feeding when the ambient temperature drops below 70°F, and become dormant below 55°F.

Ways to Support Our Alligators

Adopt a Gator

Make an impact and participate in the Aquarium's Adopt An Animal Gift Program.

Recipients will receive a gift box that includes:
  • Adoption certificate
  • Plush alligator
  • Animal fact card
  • Signed Thank You note from the Mississippi Aquarium team
Best of all, 100% of your purchase directly supports the health and well-being of our animals!

Support Alligator Enrichment

Mississippi Aquarium's animal enrichment program provides physically and mentally stimulating toys, activities, and environments for all of our animals. Enrichment allows our animals to demonstrate species-specific behavior found in their natural environments.

These items allow our animals to exercise control of their surroundings and enhance their well-being. Just like proper nutrition and veterinary care, animal enrichment is essential to animal welfare.

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