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Don't miss your opportunity to meet all of the animals at Mississippi Aquarium. Use the interactive map below to guide you through the exhibits and learn about the inhabitants. Hover over a pin on the map to learn more!

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Aquatic Wonders
Your journey begins on the third floor at the touch encounter. Wind your way around the swirl habitat and through the 360 tunnel to reveal all the animals of the Gulf Community in front of the big viewing window.
Aquatic Wonders | Level 1
Discover all the Gulf Community habitat has to offer in front of our big viewing window.
Aquatic Wonders | Level 2
View the Gulf Community habitat in the one-of-a-kind 360 tunnel!
Aquatic Wonders | Level 3
Your journey begins here with an interactive shark, invertebrate and ray touch experience.
Fresh Water River
Our fresh water river is full of paddlefish, largemouth bass, alligator gar and more! View from the boardwalk or taker a closer look below.
North American River Otter
Meet Magnolia, Sugar, Finn and Jackson our playful river otters!
Bottlenose Dolphin
Meet our bottlenose dolphin, Finn, Archer, Nigel and Axl.
Meet over 40 species of regional and exotic birds.
Pelican Point Cafe
Home of the best burger on the Coast, the Shark Bite Burger.
Don't forget to stop in the Gulf Shop and pick up a souvenir!
Your journey through the Aquatic Wonders begins here! Purchase tickets here when you arrive.


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North American Beavers

Changing Tides presented by Keesler Federal Credit Union

Aquatic Wonders

Aquatic Wonders | Level 1

Aquatic Wonders | Level 2

Aquatic Wonders | Level 3


North American River Otter

Bottlenose Dolphin


Pelican Pointe Cafe

The Gulf Shop


Family Restroom

Entry Plaza

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