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Animal Enrichment

About Animal Enrichment

Mississippi Aquarium's animal enrichment program provides physically and mentally stimulating toys, activities and environments for all of our animals. Enrichment allow our animals to demonstrate species-specific behavior that would be found in their natural environments.

Our animal care team utilizes a variety of unique and stimulating enrichment items within our different habitats. These items allow our animals to exercise control of their surroundings and enhance their well-being. Just like proper nutrition and veterinary care, animal enrichment is an essential to aspect of animal welfare.

Make a Donation

Feeling generous? Support our animal care team by purchasing unique enrichment items for your favorite species. Check out the wishlists our animals made of enrichment items they'd like to play with!

Aviary Enrichment Aviary Enrichment
Dolphin Enrichment Dolphin Enrichment
Otter with Ice Otter Enrichment
Alligators Enrichment Alligators Enrichment
Beaver, Sloth, Armadillo Enrichment Beaver, Sloth, Armadillo Enrichment
Aquatics Enrichment Aquatics Enrichment
Penguin Enrichment Penguin Enrichment
Sea Turtle Rehab Sea Turtle Rehab

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