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North American River Otters

About Our Otters

Mississippi Aquarium is home to four North American river otters. Watch them frolic in their spacious habitat with pools and ponds and see them underwater from two different locations. Look for them in their large hollow log, where they sometimes like to nap.


Meet Finn

Finn is our largest otter weighing in at over 25 pounds!

Fun Facts

  • Finn enjoys napping during the day.
  • When he spends the day inside, he likes to hide in blankets and sheets.
  • One of his vocalizations sounds like the “oink” a pig will make.


Meet Jackson

Jackson is our most shy otter.

Fun Facts

  • Jackson enjoys playing with pebbles and rocks on habitat and can often be seen in the deep pool showing off his treasures.
  • When it’s close to feeding time, Jackson can often be seen standing up on his hind legs to look for his trainers.
  • He is the smaller of our males, and a little darker in color.


Meet Sugar

Sugar is the smallest otter in our group.

Fun Facts

  • Sugar loves to dig!
  • Sugar enjoys bringing various enrichment into the deep water in the habitat.
  • Sugar is very curious and full of energy.


Meet Magnolia

Maggie is the smartest otter in our group.

Fun Facts

  • Maggie enjoys the carrot enrichment she receives every day.
  • Maggie learns new behaviors and skills quickly.
  • Maggie’s fur is a lighter, blond color.

Ways to Support Our Otters

Adopt an Otter

Make an impact and participate in the Aquarium's Adopt An Animal Gift Program.

Recipients will receive a gift box that includes:
  • Adoption certificate
  • Plush otter
  • Animal fact card
  • Animal sticker
  • Signed Thank You note from the Mississippi Aquarium team

Best of all, 100% of your purchase directly supports the health and well-being of our animals!

Support Otter Enrichment

Mississippi Aquarium's animal enrichment program provides physically and mentally stimulating toys, activities, and environments for all of our animals. Enrichment allows our animals to demonstrate species-specific behavior found in their natural environments.

These items allow our animals to exercise control of their surroundings and enhance their well-being. Just like proper nutrition and veterinary care, animal enrichment is essential to animal welfare.

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