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Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs at the Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium has a butterfly garden on campus!

This garden contains native and pollinator-friendly plants that provide milkweed, nectar, and shelter for monarchs throughout their annual reproductive and migratory cycles. Plants were provided by National Audubon Society and planted by the Aquarium team. The garden serves as a “Monarch Waystation” where the butterfilies are gently caught and tagged with a Monarch Watch number as they pass through Coastal Mississippi on their way to wintering grounds in Mexico.

Be sure to visit the butterfly garden and count how many monarchs you see while visiting Mississippi Aquarium!

Why is this garden important?

The monarch butterfly population is threatened by habitat loss and one of the most effective strategies to help them recover is by providing the plants they need to survive. This simple solution can be implemented by anyone, whether they live in urban or rural areas.

How can you help monarchs?

  • Plant native and pollinator friendly wildflowers including milkweed
  • Reduce the use of pesticides
  • Report monarch butterfly and caterpillar sightings at Monarch Butterflies (journeynorth.org)
  • Additional information on how to plant a nice butterfly garden as well as how to raise and tag monarchs can be found at Monarch Watch – monarchwatch.org

Monarch Watch

Click the link below to see recoveries of monarchs that were tagged at Mississippi Aquarium.

Monarch Watch

On Saturday, November 20, 2021 Mississippi Aquarium collected, processed and tagged 22 wild, migrtating adult monarch butterflies. 

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