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Animal Guide

Awe and wonder await our guests at every habitat.

Mississippi Aquarium is home to more than 200 species of animals and more than 300 species of fish. We have something for everyone, from animals native to South Mississippi, like our alligators that greet our guests upon entrance onto our campus, to something you may not see every day, such as our leucistic zebra shark.

Alligator Habitat

Your visit to Mississippi Aquarium begins here. Watch our alligators swim in their habitat, complete with an island that makes the perfect spot for our gators to catch some sun.

Beaver Habitat

After entering the gate, you'll also be greeted by our three North American beavers. These active beavers can often be seen swimming and gathering branches in their pond.

North American River Otters

Mississippi Aquarium is home to four North American river otters. Watch them frolic in their spacious habitat with pools and ponds and see them underwater from two different locations. Look for them in their large hollow log, where they sometimes like to nap.

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins

Mississippi Aquarium is home to four Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Take a stroll along our freshwater river, and you will eventually end up at our dolphin habitat. With multi-level viewing, our guests will be able to catch a glimpse of their favorite dolphin both underwater and from the surface.

Freshwater River

Our freshwater river is the centerpiece of our beautifully landscaped campus. Walk along the freshwater river from the top of the boardwalk down to our lower dolphin area. Check out the different species of freshwater fish and reptiles, including catfish, paddlefish, yellow belly sliders, and large alligator gar with unobstructed views.


Mississippi Aquarium's Aviary is one of the unique parts of our campus. Take a leisurely stroll through our immersive aviary and get up close with birds from all around the globe. Stop by the brook to watch some of our ducks swim or look for one of our White-cheeked turacos in the enclosed aviary.

Changing Tides

Kelp Forest

Upon entering Changing Tides, the first gallery to explore is the cold water kelp forest. The kelp forest features marine life that live in the colder waters of the ocean hiding among the watery plants which thrive in this environment. Along this part of the journey, you will encounter residents who call this habitat home like sea horses, California eels, giant Pacific octopus and many more!


Continuing through Changing Tides, the Rainforest biome is surrounded by fallen trees and foliage enveloping you along your journey, showcasing an even more diverse group of residents. Chief among them will be two of the Aquarium’s Animal Ambassadors, Tito, a two-toed sloth, and Pelé, a three-banded armadillo.

Coral Reef

The brightly colored Coral Reef biome features marine life found in the warmer waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans as well as the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Stingray silhouettes flying above will guide you past colorful species like powder blue tang, bird wrasse and bubble tip anemones and many more!

Aquatic Wonders

Touch Pool

Welcome to the third floor of Aquatic Wonders, designed to represent the surface of the ocean. This is where you'll find our touch pools for a unique hands-on experience.

From crustaceans to rays, horseshoe crabs, and even baby sharks, our touch pool allows guests to have a one-of-a-kind experience through hands-on learning and fun.

Swirl Habitat

The centerpiece of Aquatic Wonders, our three-story cylinder tank has a unique collection of tropical fish and coral. It can be viewed from all three floors of Aquatic Wonders.

Oceans Habitat

Get ready for three stories of thrills and some fantastic views in Aquatic Wonders, Mississippi Aquarium's oceans habitat, home to Mississippi Aquarium's saltwater animals.

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