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Wild Explorer Virtual Reality

Are you ready for your next big adventure!

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Step into worlds like never before with the new Wild Explorer Virtual Reality experience. This thrilling 360˚ 3D experience takes you up close and personal to the action. Explore the depths of the Ocean with Shark Dive or run through the jungle with Gorillas in Gorilla Trek, there is no limit to your adventures at Mississippi Aquarium.

Virtual reality tickets do not include general admission. General admission must be purchased separately.

Age, height and weight restrictions apply. See Ticketing or the Wild Explorer VR Zone for complete details and guidelines. Management reserves all rights.

  • Guests 6 years of age and older can participate.
  • Guests 13 years of age and under are required to have a guardian present at all times during viewing of the film.
  • The VR headset must be able to be placed over the guest’s head and fit securely without the use of hands in order for the guest to participate.
  • The Wild Explorer VR Experience requires participants to have the ability for self-stabilizing strength and be able to transfer into the elevated pod. We will always try to accommodate anyone who wants to visit us, as best we can, so long as there is no increased risk to the safety of customers or the equipment.
  • 1 person per seat. No infants or small children are able to ride in guardian’s arms or lap.
  • Guests must remain seated at all times.
  • The Wild Explorer VR Experience has weight and height restrictions.
    • Height Minimum is 36” Inches.
    • Weight Maximum is 472lbs.
  • The guidelines are supplied by the manufacturer based on the design and load bearing parts of the structure.
  • Refrain from participating if you are pregnant, have back or neck issues, or any sensitivity to light or motion.
  • Please consult your healthcare professional prior to participating if you suffer from any medical conditions.
Spectators and guardians are not required to purchase a VR experience to be present.

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Join Emmy award-winning documentary filmmakers as they take you on an incredible journey through Africa’s Great Migration.

Each year, millions of wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes traverse East Africa's wide open grasslands in a continuous, circular trek in search of fresh grazing lands and water, pausing only for a few months when females are giving birth. Along the way, hundreds of thousands of the herd fall prey to stalking predators, including lions, crocodiles, cheetahs, and hyenas.

In the latest addition to Immotion's wildlife immersive film experiences, The Great Migration, witness how these millions of free-roaming animals make their way through the peaks and perils of Africa's savannah terrain, from the Maasai Mara river in Kenya to the majestic landscape of Tanzania's Serengeti, in search for a better life across the animal kingdom.

The exhilarating Shark Dive will have riders traveling with the marine biologists of Bimini Shark Lab as they search for the mythic underwater strip called Tiger Beach. Visitors will learn about the behaviors of tiger and hammerhead sharks closer than you could imagine.

Gorrilla Trek leads travelers to the extinct volcanoes of Rwanda in central Africa. There, they trek with world renowned primatologist Dr. Tara Stoinski, CEO of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, up 10,000 feet to visit with a remarkable family of mountain gorillas. Riders will be able to witness for the first time in 3D virtual reality the unique family dynamics that pits one silverback mountain gorilla against another for control of the gorilla family. There are just over one thousand mountain gorillas left in the world and it is vitally important to study the behavior of these amazing animals so that we can help save them from extinction.

Tickets available at the gate OR in Changing Tides at the Wild Explore Virtual Reality location.


Is the virtual reality experience included with general admission?

How much does it cost to ride?

How old do I need to be to participate?

Can I accompany my child on the ride?

How long is the experience?

Do I have to wear the headset?

Will I get wet?

What do I do if I start feeling sick or dizzy during the ride?

Are there any restrictions for participating?

If I am a wheelchair user, am I able to participate?

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