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Virtual Learning

Bring Mississippi Aquarium to Your Classroom

Mississippi Aquarium offers state of art technical amenities including virtual learning. By bringing Mississippi Aquarium into classrooms, we can ignite curiosity and passion for our natural environment. From the comfort of their classrooms, students will learn about specific educational topics regarding animal biology by virtually meeting and investigating some of the animals and habitats at Mississippi Aquarium.

Every virtual field trip includes an interactive lesson on an educational topic of the teacher's choice and a virtual close-up with some of the animals and habitats at Mississippi Aquarium.

Foundations and Instruction in Natural Science (FINS)

Grades K-5

Noisy Animals

L.K.1B, P.1.6B, L.2.4, L.3.4, P.4.6C, L.5.3B
Why do birds sing? Why do dolphins make clicks and squeaks? Learn about the various sounds and vocalizations that animals make and the adaptive function for these sounds! Students will also get to listen to vocalizations of different animals at Mississippi Aquarium.

STEM Enriching Activities in Schools (SEAS)

Grades 6-8

Parental Strategies

L.6.3, L.7.3, L.8.2A, L.8.4A
Every parent is different, and this is true for animals too! Learn about the different parental techniques, such as oviposition, nest building and guarding, alloparental care and much more. Meet some of our animals that exhibit these different strategies.

Future Innovators in Research, Science and Technology (FIRST)

Grades 9-12

Keystone Integrity

BIO.5, ENV.2, FB.6, MAQ.5
To understand the integrity of ecosystems, it is essential to understand the role that keystone species play within their habitats. Take an in-depth look at some of the species that carry the weight of a successful ecological system.

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