Media Policy

Media Inquiries

We are excited to share the story of Mississippi Aquarium with our media partners. Please send all media inquiries to and we will answer questions and assist in arranging interviews. Every effort will be made to respond to media requests within a reasonable timeframe.

The Public Relations and Communications Manager will connect you with designated Aquarium staff for interviews. Media requests made directly to Mississippi Aquarium employees will be routed back to the Public Relations and Communications Manager for consideration.

Access the Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium supports an efficient, service-oriented effort to respond to both public inquiries and media requests for information and/or assistance relating to the organization. We welcome the responsibility to keep the public informed and encourage their involvement in their community resources. We acknowledge the vital role the media serves towards this effort.

The goal of this policy is to ensure:
• the safety of the staff, animals and the public
• an efficient and accurate response to media and public inquiries
• response to media requests without negatively impacting our visitor experience
• the timely completion of staff duties

The safety of our animals, guests and staff is always our top priority. The Public Relations and Communications Manager will consult with the VP of Veterinary Services and/or VP of Animal Care to determine what level of access may be allowed under any given set of circumstances. This also applies to public areas that are barricaded to the public during an emergency, animal transfer or other irregular activities.Contact with staff for background information, sound bytes, scheduling, etc. will be made by contacting the Public Relations and Communications Manager to ensure accurate and timely response to media representatives.

Reporting Live at the Aquarium

Members of the media are welcome to conduct live broadcasts at Mississippi Aquarium. Locations will be determined by the Public Relations and Communications Manager based on animal, guest and employee safety and other factors. Any cabling run-through grounds must be away from high foot-traffic areas and taped down to minimize hazards. The Aquarium’s entry plaza is also available for live shots.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONE) Policy

For this policy, a drone is defined as "an unmanned aerial vehicle" (UAV) or "an unmanned aircraft system" (UAS). This restriction applies to privately owned and media outlet drones and is extended to any equipment affiliated with the drone.For the safety and well-being of our guests and animals, the launching and/or operation of a UAS (drone) from or above Mississippi Aquarium property is strictly prohibited. Mississippi Aquarium does on occasion operate a UAS (drone). This operation is in strict accordance with FAA guidelines and the operator in constant communication with staff members to ensure the welfare of our guests and animals. Any unauthorized operation of Unmanned Aircrafts (Drones) over MSAQ property will be reported to law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Parking at the Aquarium

CTA Parking Garage
1401 20th Avenue Gulfport, MS 39501


$2.25 for 1 hour
$4.50 for 2 hours
$11 over 2 hours

There is also 1 hour street parking on and around the Aquarium. Once parked, please meet the designated representative from the Marketing Team on the front entry plaza (near the Sails) and access to the Aquarium will be given.

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