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Penguin Encounter

Meet an African Penguin

What do penguin feathers feel like? What sound does a penguin make? How can we help endangered African penguins in the wild? Find out during a Penguin Encounter at Mississippi Aquarium! Our Penguin encounter gives participants the opportunity to touch and learn about the African penguins at Mississippi Aquarium.

The program includes a 5-minute educational chat, 10 minutes with a penguin and trainer, and a Q&A session after the interaction. Participants will be in small groups during this encounter.

We ask any participant with special needs to please contact us at education@msaquarium.org in advance so that we may ensure the best experience possible.

What's Included

  • 5-minute Education Chat
  • 10-minute Penguin Interaction and Q&A with Penguin Trainer
  • Aquarium General Admission
You will be asked to remove all jewelry before your animal encounter. A box will be provided for storage. Mississippi Aquarium not responsible for loss or theft.

Viewing is not available for family and friends
who have not purchased an encounter ticket.

Before checking in for the encounter, guests must present their tickets at the gate. Guests must arrive on time to participate. The animals will not wait for late guests.


Monday - Friday

1:15PM & 1:45PM

Saturday & Sunday

1:15PM & 1:45PM

Penguin Encounter FAQs

What is this encounter?

Will I be able to touch a penguin?

If I buy a ticket for a family member, can I watch the encounter?

Can I be late?

Can I take photos and videos?

I have a small child with me, can they come into the encounter?

Are all of the encounters the same?

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