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Homeschool Days

Dive into Homeschool at Mississippi Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium welcomes homeschool families and groups to visit, explore, and participate in hands-on educational activities. Our themed programs are designed for students of all ages and are the perfect complement to any science curriculum.

Homeschool Rewards – The more you book the more you save.

Mississippi Aquarium is pleased to reward our dedicated Homeschoolers. Save up to 20% when you book more than one of our engaging Homeschool Days in the same transaction.

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What Should Students Expect?

After check-in, students will meet with one of the Aquarium's educators who will introduce the week's topic. Students will then partake in hands-on, educational activity stations, supervised by an educator. Supplemental materials will be available to guide learning during the activity. There will be an opportunity to meet one of our animal ambassadors and tour the Aquarium at your leisure.

Limit 1 adult per 1-3 children
Limit 2 adults per 4 or more children

Additional adults are welcome to attend at the Group Admission
rate of $25.45 if purchased in advance.

Space is limited. We recommend you pre-register and purchase your tickets in advance.

Program Time

8:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Offered on one
Thursday each month
8:40 a.m. - 9 a.m.

Program Cost

Advanced Purchase
Student pk-12 | $17.50
Adult | $17.50
Additional Adult | $25.45

At the window (day of)

Student pk-12 | $24.95
Adult | $29.95


2024 Spring Homeschool Topics

January 18

All About Octopuses

What has eight arms and no bones? An octopus! Come learn about octopuses up close and explore their unique features. Students will learn how octopuses hide, why they have no bones, how they move, and who their relatives are!

February 8

Mardi Gras in the Marsh

There are two things the Gulf Coast is known for: Mardi Gras and marshes! Celebrate this Mardi Gras season by learning how marshes protect us from storms and promote biodiversity. Students will replicate marsh food chains, test water quality, and explore how marshes filter toxins out of our waterways!

March 5 & 7

Dolphin Days

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; time to celebrate dolphins! These mammals have adapted many behavioral and physical characteristics such as strategic hunting and echolocation. Due to these abilities dolphins can survive in frozen environments, the open ocean, and even freshwater systems! Students will analyze dolphins’ adaptations, develop hunting strategies, and learn about the varying species found throughout the world!

April 25

World Penguin Day

Dressed to impress or dressed for survival? Penguins don’t just live in the frozen tundra, they can also be found on beaches, in jungles, and jumping from rock to rock. Students will learn why penguins are black and white, how they stay dry in their aquatic environment, distinguish between different species, and learn about their amazing anatomy.

May 16

All the Ologies

The suffix ology means the study of and the prefix states what is being studied. Join our homeschool day experience to learn about all the ologies, including the study of animal species, animal behavior, and the environment. Students will meet experts in their field and learn how they made a career out of their favorite ology!

All of Mississippi Aquarium’s Education Programs meet MS College & Career Readiness Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
For inquiries or additional information, please contact us
at (228)241-1218 or via email at fieldtrips@msaquarium.org.

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