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Homeschool Days

Dive into Homeschool at Mississippi Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium welcomes homeschool families and groups to visit, explore, and participate in hands-on educational activities. Our themed programs are designed for students of all ages and are the perfect complement to any science curriculum.

Homeschool Rewards – The more you book the more you save.

Mississippi Aquarium is pleased to reward our dedicated Homeschoolers. Save up to 20% when you book more than one of our engaging Homeschool Days in the same transaction.

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What Should Students Expect?

After check-in, students will meet with one of the Aquarium's educators who will introduce the week's topic. Students will then partake in hands-on, educational activity stations, supervised by an educator. Supplemental materials will be available to guide learning during the activity. There will be an opportunity to meet one of our animal ambassadors and tour the Aquarium at your leisure.

Limit 1 adult per 1-3 children
Limit 2 adults per 4 or more children

Additional adults are welcome to attend at the Group Admission
rate of $25.45 if purchased in advance.

Space is limited. We recommend you pre-register and purchase your tickets in advance.

Program Time

8:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Offered on one
Thursday each month
8:40 a.m. - 9 a.m.

Program Cost

Advanced Purchase
Student pk-12 | $17.50
Adult | $17.50
Additional Adult | $25.45

At the window (day of)

Student pk-12 | $24.95
Adult | $29.95


2023 Homeschool Topics

Plankton: The Powerhouse of the Ocean | January 24 & 26

Tiny, but mighty, plankton run the ocean! Come learn about the various small plants and animals that start and end the food web in marine ecosystems. Students will observe and identify plankton under microscopes, experiment with how ocean acidification effects our tiny friends, and investigate large animals that start off small.

Peculiar Parents and Unique Lifecycles | February 21 & 23

From snakes to dolphins, animal parents implement some unique techniques for raising their young. Come learn about the odd and one-of-a-kind ways that animals go from baby to full grown adults. Students will construct life cycles, demonstrate parenting styles in games, classify roles in animal family units, and more!

Around the World in 8 Dolphins | March 21 & 23

Celebrate dolphin awareness month with Mississippi Aquarium! Learn about 8 unique and endangered species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises that call the ocean home. Students will investigate the blight of the vaquita porpoise, quantify dolphin population sizes, learn to recognize different species, and talk with scientists who work with these marine mammals.

Backyard Naturalist | April 18 & 20

Have you ever wondered what lives in your backyard? Come find out! Mississippi Aquarium educators will show you how to find and identify organisms throughout the southeast United States. Students will observe creepy crawlers, learn how to identify birds, compare plant species, and much more.

Fascinating Fishes | May 9 & 11

Fish come in all shapes and sizes from the smallest dwarf minnow to the largest whale shark and 31,998 species in between. Students will collect data on fish adaptations, compare fish anatomy, and learn how to use a dichotomous key to identify unknown fishes.

All of Mississippi Aquarium’s Education Programs meet MS College & Career Readiness Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

For inquiries or additional information, please contact us
at (228)241-1218 or via email at fieldtrips@msaquarium.org.

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