Mississippi Aquarium Welcomes its First Residents

For Immediate Release: July 20, 2020

Mississippi Aquarium achieved anothersignificant milestone by successfully introducing the first fish to the primarysalt-water habitat on Sunday, July 19. The Aquarium's fish and invertebratesteam added cownose rays, goliath groupers, sheepshead fish and horseshoe crabs.Bringing animals to the Aquarium takes a dedicated team of facilities andanimal care professionals.  

Kurt Allen, Mississippi Aquarium President and CEO, says, "I am so proudof our incredible team. The animals are thriving in their new habitat.Everything looks exactly how we want it to look." 

In the upcoming weeks, more animals and fish will be added as theAquarium swims towards its August 29 opening date, including Butterflyfish,Angelfish and Eels. Tickets and memberships are on sale now. For the most up todate information, follow Mississippi Aquarium on social media and visit www.msaquarium.org.

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