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MSAQ Specialty License Plate

Help Us Reach Our Goal


Support Mississippi Aquarium's Commitment to Conservation

Sail around town in style with a Mississippi Aquarium license plate, promoting conservation for dolphins and sea turtles. By placing your order for a Mississippi Aquarium specialty license plate, you're not only investing in our essential mission, but you'll also have a hand investing in the future conservation of Mississippi's native wildlife species.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Mississippi Aquarium relies heavily on the support of guests like you to help us promote marine education, conservation, and community.
The Fine Print
300 tags must be pre-sold before the Department of Revenue will begin production on a particular distinctive tag. When the Department receives 300 applications, the appropriate fees, and a design provided by the organization and approved by the Department, the tag is sent for manufacturing. The applicant is notified by the organization responsible for this particular tag when his tag may be picked up at the tax collector in his county of residence. The applicant should pick up his tag as soon as he is notified that the tag is available at the tax collector’s office. There are 60 days allowed from the time the Department for the vehicle owner notifies the organization to pick up the license plate. If the applicant chooses to wait to pick up his tag, the special tag fee must be paid again at the time the specialty tag is picked up.

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