Experience the Aquatic Wonders like never before as Mississippi Aquarium welcomes Mermaids and Pirates! From October 28 - 31 and November 4 - 7 jump aboard and discover the magical world above and below the ocean’s surface! Dive performances and mermaid meet & greet appearances are included in general admission. Exclusive VIP experience information below!


October 28-31 &
November 4-7

dive times:

10:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Mermaid dive performances will occure throughout the day.
Dive schedule will be posted in October.
Stay tuned!
Schedules are subject to
change without notice.
general admissionVip experience
VIP Experience schedule listed below!

OCTOBER 30 & 31 | NOVEMBER 6 & 7

Come experience a real life FantaSEA, as you are made over and meet a mermaid exclusively. Into the Grotto where Mermaids dwell, to find the treasure Pirates hide so well. Gold and Silver, Scales and Tales, your transformation begins when you find the Sails.  
Mermaid Scales and Pirate Tales is an EXCLUSIVE VIP Experience designed for guests aged three to ten years.   Stand out like a fish out of water when your land princess is primped into a Mermaid Princess! Or, if it’s a pirate’s life for you, prepare to rule the seven seas when you are transformed into a Pirate Buccaneer! While visiting Mermaid Grotto, all Mermaid Princesses and Pirates get a personal meet and greet with a real-life Mermaid and Pirate.


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Mermaid Princess Experience

  • 45 minutes in our VIP Grotto 
  • Mermaid Princess Costume
  • Thingamabob Accessories
  • Mermaizing Makeup Application
  • Twisty Hairstyle
  • Official Mermaid Name Certificate
  • Keepsake 6x8 Printed Photo with our Special Guest
  • VIP Front Line Access to Mermaid Dive Show

Pirate Buccaneer Experience

  • 45 minutes in our VIP Grotto 
  • Pirate Costume
  • Pirate Accessories 
  • Skin Effect Makeup Application
  • Official Pirate Name Certificate
  • Keepsake 6x8 Printed Photo with our Special Guest
  • VIP Front Line Access to Mermaid Dive Show

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements of the VIP Experience?
How long is the VIP Experience?
What if we arrive late for our scheduled VIP Experience time??
Does my child get to keep the Mermaid Princess/Pirate Costume?
What type of makeup is used?
Will our family be able to be in the room during the VIP Experience?
Where do we go to see the Mermaid Dive Performance?
CanI bring food into the VIP room?
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