Mississippi Aquarium launches SeaTREK underwater experience

November 27, 2020

By Toni Miles WXXV

November 27, 2020

GULFPORT, MS – On Friday, November 27, the Mississippi Aquarium will launch its highly anticipated SeaTREK experience. SeaTREK is a helmet diving experience that allows guests to become one with the Aquarium’s main Oceans Habitat while in a near zero-gravity diving system. SeaTREK is open for guests ages 10 and up and is available to non-swimmers. Participants will get up close and personal with fish, sharks, rays and much more.

“We are excited to launch the SeaTREK experience,” said Jeff Gibula, Mississippi Aquarium Director of Facility Operations. “This experience allows guests the unique opportunity to experience marine life up close, in our main habitat.”

The SeaTREK experience at Mississippi Aquarium is approximately 20 minutes underwater. The SeaTREK experience will require a general admission ticket plus an experience ticket. SeaTREK experiences are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays beginning Friday, November 27. The SeaTREK experience requires an additional fee and must be booked in advance via our website.

About SeaTREK

SeaTREK is the world’s largest guided helmet diving program, with locations on 5 continents in 27 countries. Using specialized SeaTREK diving helmets, multi-generations of participants can walk underwater on a fully guided tour. Participants do not need to know how to swim, hair and face remain dry, and guests can even wear prescription glasses or contact lenses.

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