Film students gain real-world experience while documenting aquarium progress

February 1, 2019

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The journey of construction and completion of the Mississippi Aquarium is being documented step-by-step by some film students from the University of Southern Mississippi and Gulfport High School.

The cameras were rolling as Collin Caranna, digital marketing manager for the Mississippi Aquarium, gave this film crew details on those huge pieces of acrylic and glass that will soon be part of the Mississippi Aquarium.

For these filmmaking neophytes, this trip to the port was two-fold. They got to work on their craft while documenting the evolution of the aquarium’s construction.

"When we were approached to do this film documentary by the Mississippi Film Office, we knew it was a great educational opportunity for these students involved to really advance their craft and also document something that everyone is excited about, not only here on the Coast but in the state of Mississippi,” Caranna said.

When talking about the aquarium, every aspect of its construction is definitely large scale.

"We’ve done other projects like this where we’ve been able to get hands-on experience, and then when Bill Webb with the film office contacted us, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. This will give our students a real chance to work on a real project, not just a class project,” said Vincenzo Mistretta, assistant professor of film at Southern Miss Gulf Park.

The acrylics were delivered to the port last August from Italy, and the hope is they’ll be moved to the aquarium site from the Port of Gulfport sometime this month.

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