Red billed hornbill


ORDER: Coraciiformes
FAMILY: Bucerotidae
SPECIES:T. erythrorhynchus

habitat & Range

This hornbill inhabits savanna, woodland, and scrub habitats.

Did you know?

  • The top two vertebrae of the hornbill’s neck are fused together, which helps it to support the weight of its large bill.
  • This species is a non-migratory bird.
  • The female nests in an almost completely sealed hole within a tree for 2-3 months while the male brings her food.
North American River Otter

Form & Function

The red-billed hornbill gets its name from its bright red bill that is long and curves. Their plumage is mottled with black and light gray feathers. The female nests in a tree cavity in which she seals herself to give her and her nest safety from many predators. There will exist only a small hole into the cavity through which the male can provide food.

Conservation & YOu

Least Concern (IUCN) They have stable populations in parts of Africa. You can help protect the red-billed hornbill by promoting habitat protection and animal conservation
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