Green winged dove


ORDER: Columbiformes
FAMILY: Columbidae
SPECIES:C. indica

habitat & Range

This dove primarily inhabits rainforests in tropical and subtropical climates.

Did you know?

  • To court females, males perform a courting dance that includes bobbing to show off his bright green feathers.
  • They are also known as the Grey-capped Emerald Dove, Common Emerald Dove, and the Emerald Dove.
  • They are mostly a ground dwelling bird, running quickly along the forest floor looking for seeds and grubs
North American River Otter

Form & Function

The coloration of this dove is what gives it its name. It has a bright emerald green feathers on the wings that contrast with a brown body. Their bright green coloration actually helps them to camouflage with the vegetation in rainforests.

Conservation & YOu

Least Concern (IUCN) However, their populations are declining most likely due to habitat loss. You can help the green winged dove by promoting habitat protection and education.
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