Atlantic porkfish


CLASS: Actinopterygii
ORDER: Perciformes
FAMILY: Haemulidae
SPECIES:A. virginicus

habitat & Range

Atlantic porkfish inhabit shallow coastal areas near reefs and rocky substrate.

Did you know?

  • Porkfish are a type of grunt, who get their name from their ability to make a grunting sound by rubbing their teeth together.
  • This species spawns year-round in Jamaica.
  • This species is a common prey item for the invasive lionfish.
North American River Otter

Form & Function

The porkfish is a deep-bodied fish with bright yellow fins. The body is silver with yellow longitudinal stripes and two vertical black bars near the head. In addition to a diet consisting of invertebrates, porkfish are also considered a cleaner fish because they pick parasites, algae, and dead tissue from other fishes.

Conservation & YOu

Least Concern (IUCN) Because reefs around the world are under threat due to a changing environment, porkfish are susceptible to habitat loss. You can help the Atlantic Porkfish by helping to promote reef conservation and habitat protection.
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